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We take pride in doing our work well and providing the best service, so we can vouch for it and our clients will be satisfied with it. The values that characterize Global Words are:


Quality is critical if we are to survive in a highly competitive business, and that is why we are more thorough with quality assurance and quality control than many others. We want our clients to be so pleased with the quality of our work that they keep coming back, and will recommend us to friends and colleagues in their companies and fields of work.

Translation is a service, and we live by delivering unsurpassed and effective service to our clients. We were simply born with service in our genes, and we cannot help providing flexibility and good service. Flexibility in particular is a requirement in our business, because translation often comes at the end of a project, and even the smallest delays in the overall timing of the project can be critical. We are prepared to do that little bit extra to help clients meet their deadlines.

In the strength of our experience and our professional skills we are able to give clients maximal security. When our clients send us a new assignment, they must feel certain that we will deliver the right quality on time, and at the right price. That will enable them to devote the intervening time to what they do best, thus creating greater value for their business.

Our clients make great demands on us, and we therefore make great demands of ourselves and our suppliers. We wish to be conscientious suppliers for our clients and conscientious clients to our own suppliers.