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Global Words was founded on 1 October 2006 by State Authorized Translator Peter Fl. Adolph.

Translation experience

  • Has worked in the translation industry since 1995
  • Translator at the European Commission 1996 (stagiaire)
  • Translator at the European Parliament 1996-1997 (auxiliaire)
  • EU-translator for Berlitz Translation Services 1998-1999
  • Sales Manager at Berlitz Translation Services/Berlitz GlobalNET 1999-2003
  • General Manager at Interverbum 2003-2006
  • Started Global Words on 1 October 2006


  • Trilingual Commercial Correspondent in French and Spanish (Copenhagen Business School/CBS, 1990)
  • State Authorized Translator and Interpreter in Spanish (CBS 1995)
  • Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (CBS 2001)
  • Has specialized in medical translation since 1999
  • Introductory course in Good Clinical Practice (2006; Danish Society of Good Clinical Practice)
  • Course in medical English (Danish Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry/LiF)
  • Examination in anatomy and physiology (4-day course, Medicoindustrien)
  • Examination in the study of diseases (6-day course, Medicoindustrien)
  • Course in pharmacology (6-day course; Danish Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry/LiF)
  • Has participated as an exhibitor at numerous conferences on clinical drug trials and the most recent legislation on medicines