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Quality control


Quality control is the next step in our Good Translation Practice guidelines, and the control is carried out after the translator has completed the translation, before it is delivered to the client. First and foremost, the translator must check his/her own translation, which means checking the whole translation against the source text, sentence by sentence, to ensure that everything is translated and nothing left out, and that there are no linguistic errors or incorrect translations.

With regard to translations into Danish, we do the majority internally in our office, and one of us does the first draft of the translation and checks his/her own work, before the other person in the office takes over and carries out a full quality control of the entire translation, i.e. of all aspects and every translated word, not just a random check, for instance of 10% of the translation.

When it comes to translations into other languages, we send them to one of our partners from abroad. The procedure is the same in principle as for assignments carried out internally: The translators are responsible for the translation and for checking their own work, before the preliminary translation is quality checked by another expert translator.
When the client’s time schedule and the finances of the project allow, we carry out a third quality check in-house at the office. Admittedly, we do not know all the world’s languages, but we have a real flair for languages, and we are good at finding objective errors like sections that are not translated, linguistic inconsistencies and layout problems.