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By far the greatest part of our turnover comes from translation from one language to another or to several. Usually we are asked to translate from scratch, but sometimes the task is to update an earlier translation with alterations shown as tracked changes in Word.

When we translate from the beginning, we use one of the most advanced systems on the market for translation work.¬† It enables us to store the current translation in a database and re-use earlier translations. This does not involve machine translation, but use of software to help us work faster and ensure consistent use of language internally within a text, between different texts in the same project, and in related projects over time. The system also enables us to have several translators working on the same project and reaping the benefits of each other’s work, and thus we are able to offer to translate everything in little more than half the time.

Compared with a number of our professional colleagues, we have the advantage that when assignments are carried out internally in our offices, then the project manager and translator are physically in the same room, and this allows continual interaction on how to deal with linguistic challenges such as terminology and language usage. Neither freelance translators nor translators and project managers in large translation businesses enjoy this advantage.