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Our work on quality begins before the project is started.

With a background of many years’ experience in medical translation, we have established fixed guidelines for producing our translations, which we call Good Translation Practice.

The Good Translation Practice guidelines include specific requirements for the resources used in our projects, and the work routines followed by our suppliers and employees, and their purpose is to ensure consistent high quality over time and between different languages.

In our view it is necessary to operate with both quality assurance and quality control to achieve the maximum likelihood of high quality in translation.

Quality assurance covers what we do before starting on the project, in setting up the requirements for a good quality product.

Quality control is what we do after receiving a translation from our suppliers to ensure that they deliver what we have ordered.

When we carry out translations internally in our own office, in the great majority of cases one of us makes the first version of the translation and checks his/her own work, before the other person in the office takes over and carries out a full quality control of the entire translation, i.e. of all aspects and all translated words, not just a random check, for instance of 10% of the translation.